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5 Augmented Reality Examples

  • February 23, 2015
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As technology evolves, the fine line that separates the physical and virtual world continues to dissolve.

Here are 5 of our favorite uses of augmented reality in retail:


1. IKEA’s extended 2014 catalogue
The Swedish furniture store’s 2014 catalogue came with an extra 50 pages, accessible by downloading the IKEA catalogue app for iPhone and scanning the catalogue. You could then use the app with your phone’s camera to see how furniture from the catalogue would fit in your own living space!


2. Autodesk Showcase 2015
Autodesk’s Showcase is used to present CAD designs and models to clients; one of the very interesting uses of the software is the ability to present those models using the build-in augmented reality plugins that allow the designs to be shown in the physical world in all its three-dimensional glory.


3. Guinness Book of World Records
The famous world records book took the viewing experience to a whole new level with its added augmented reality experience. All you have to do is download the app, and point your phone at the pages of the book and watch them come alive!


4. IBM Research’s Smarter Shopping
The research division of the tech giant showed that 58% of consumers want to get information about products in-store, while 19% are already browsing on their mobile devices while shopping. The scientists behind this research wanted to bring the benefits of online shopping to the in-store experience through an app with augmented reality technology. When you point your phone to the product you want to buy, the app provides you with any information you’re looking for, such as nutritional value.


5. American Apparel’s Shopping Assistant

Now you won’t have to ask the sales associate if the shirt you’re interested in comes in your favourite colour! With American Apparel’s Augmented Reality shopping assistant, you’re able to scan the product display and the app will provide you with information about the product, such as customer reviews, what sizes it comes in, and what colours it’s available in.

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