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Game Pill is constantly evolving the platforms we offer to reach a larger audience. We work with you to design, develop, prototype and deliver the best experiences for all platforms. We offer true cross platform development solutions.


The internet is a great place to find information, connect with people, and to access entertainment. The internet’s activity is growing fast, and it shows no signs of stopping. Now with HTML5 the internet has now reached mobile devices in a new way.  » Learn more about HTML5 Development


The iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch have brought a new light to the mobile phone industry, and is currently the favourite of most consumers. The huge success of the iOS can all be traced back to the seamlessly compatible, helpful, and addicting mobile applications.  » Learn more about iOS Development


Google’s Android phones have managed to rival the iPhone’s popularity. The Android operating system is the fastest growing mobile platform, reaching up to 1 million mobile phone activations on a given day. 
» Learn more about Android Development


The Blackberry brand has become synonymous with business and, despite increasing competition, Blackberry phones are still the choice tool of many professionals. The Blackberry operating system has proven itself to be secure and efficient for any mobile needs.  » Learn more about Blackberry Development


Developed by Microsoft, the Windows Phone operating system is certainly not new and has gained a lot of credibility. Yet with the recent release of the new Windows mobile phone, it has stolen the stage from Microsoft’s competition.  » Learn more about Windows  Phone 8 Development


With Facebook’s built in capabilities to spread the word of your new application to everyone quickly, like Facebook Open Graph, it proves to be an excellent platform to build attention to your business or brand.  » Learn more about Facebook Development


A leader in virtual reality headgear, Oculus Rift delivers an experience unmatched by anyone else. The Oculus rift offers a 100 ° field of view, creating a completely immersive experience where you are no longer limited to a screen, and only limited by what your eyes can see. With the Oculus Rift you can explore new worlds, learn new skills, or experience things that may be otherwise impossible. » Learn more about Oculus Development


Unity is an engine used for the creation of 2D and 3D games and interactive content. Being one of the most intuitive game engines available, with amazing quality available across multiple platforms, unity helps developers create content that is visually stunning and deliver it through web, mobile, desktop and consoles. » Learn more about Unity Development


The Wii gaming system developed by Nintendo is a family oriented gaming system with simple motion based controllers that anyone can pick up and play. The Wii has been the first console to utilize motion controls on a simple platform, centered on gaming and exercise.
» Learn more about Wii Development


Xbox was created by Microsoft to replace any entertainment equipment that hooks up to your television. From video games to television, Internet and a variety of apps, Xbox has everything you need to keep you busy. » Learn more about Xbox Development


PlayStation is a gaming console developed by Sony to help core gamers receive the content they want. Delivering the most powerful console available in today’s market, PlayStation’s focus has always been to connect with gamers and create the best possible console gaming experience. » Learn more about Playstation Development


The Kinect is an extension of the Xbox system, which uses high-end cameras to track movement and a microphone for voice commands. This system is capable of being controlled by motion and sound for gaming, entertainment, applications and services. There are many different ways to utilize the unique functionality of the Kinect. » Learn more about Kinect Development