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AndroidGoogle’s Android phones have managed to rival the iPhone’s popularity. The Android operating system is the fastest growing mobile platform, reaching up to 1 million mobile phone activations on a given day.

With lower costs, more customization, and a wide array of compatible apps, Android has proven iself. In 2012 the Android market was adding on average 15,000 apps a month. With the millions of customers downloading these apps, there is a massive opportunity for Android mobile applications.

Game Pill is here to help you take advantage of the fastest growing mobile platform and its racing app market. Our team of designers, developers, and programmers has the ability and knowledge to make widely compatible Android mobile applications. With our knowledge of Android’s open source software, we can help you to create a custom-made application and release it to the Android market.

Using the Android simulator, we can test your app before uploading it to the Android market. This tool is unique to Android app development, which will save us time and you money. Once your app is available for download on the market, it will also benefit from the reliable support of Google’s headquarters. We can, as well, help you track the analytics of the app and any necessary updates.

The Android platform presents a great opportunity to any business, brand, broadcaster or independent entrepreneur. Trust in Game Pill to make your mobile application stand out in the Android market.

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