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HTML5The internet is a great place to find information, connect with people, and to access entertainment. The internet’s activity is growing fast, and it shows no signs of stopping. Now with HTML5 the internet has now reached mobile devices in a new way.

HTML5 is fast becoming the standard for web development. Not only can it work on the web, but it can also run on mobile devices of all platforms. This offers the ability to generate apps and games which will work cross platform, which in turn makes it easier to develop for multiple platforms with one product offering. HTML5 applications can also bypass any app store which will give a less restrictive launch.

Game Pill has a team of technically advanced developers that understand this new technology. Our familiarity with both the web and mobile spaces ensures that our applications will reach the high-quality standards you and your audience expect.

HTML5 also has the ability to work along side any handset’s native systems, creating a hybrid application. This will allow your app to run natively or in the browser.

Without the restrictions of platforms, HTML5 gives our customers access to a much wider audience. Game Pill understands cross platform development and will help your application idea come to life across multiple app stores. We will make sure that your app is functional and easy to use on all of the major platforms of today to increase your customer base.

Whether you are managing a brand, are an existing business looking to expand your services or an independent entrepreneur with an innovative app idea, Game Pill can help you with every step of the app development process. Trust in us to bring your HTML5 dream to the web and mobile devices of any kind.

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