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wii_development_greyNintendo has always been a creative company that strives to give its audience a one of a kind product that is different from its competitors. When Nintendo released the Wii, they gave us exactly what we needed, a whole new way to interact with videogames. The Wii created something that people from all age groups all around the worlds could pick up, play and enjoy!

The Wii was the first major console that used movement as the main control for their gaming experience, making this a physical activity that gets the user to interact directly with the system. The Wii became a console that anyone could play, and got entire families out of their seats humping around and playing together.

With the Wii becoming a huge success and surpassing all expectations, it only makes sense that Nintendo would once again create a system with innovative features no other console on the market has. With the new Wii system the console boasts similar features to the original, with enhanced gaming experience that can become mobile by allowing the user to transfer their game to the screen featured on the new controller itself.

With new technologies in hand, we have the necessary skills to develop customized content for the Wii. We will ensure the final product looks great and functions properly by putting it through a rigorous testing process before launch.

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