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10 Advantages Of Game Prototyping

How important is Prototyping to product development?


By catching design issues early on and refining the game’s mechanics, game prototyping can save time and resources during the development process and increase the chances of a successful final product. A prototype can also be used to get buy-in from internal and external stakeholders and to market test early in development.


Here are a few stats:


According to a case study by the game development company, InnoGames, prototyping helped them save time and resources during the development of their game, Elvenar. By prototyping early on, they were able to catch design issues and make necessary changes before significant resources were invested in development. As a result, they were able to complete the game in less time and with fewer resources than they originally anticipated. (Source: InnoGames, 2021)


In a study conducted by IBM, it was found that the cost of fixing a software defect found during the testing phase is 15 times more expensive than if it was found during the requirements phase. By catching design issues early on through game prototyping, developers can avoid costly rework later in the development cycle. (Source: IBM Systems Sciences Institute, 1985)

A report by the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) found that the game industry’s annual revenue in the United States was $43.4 billion in 2018. By ensuring that the final product is well-designed and fun to play, developers can increase the chances of the game’s success and avoid the costs associated with fixing issues after release. (Source: ESA, 2018)