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SMASH BALL September update

Development on Smash Ball is going well. We have participated in a number of events over the last few weeks including.

  • AND will be at MIGS

Being part of these events has allowed us to refine our processes and our product by:

Allowing us to get players and streamers playing our feature-limited demo which resulted in valuable feedback on the game. This feedback is being used to update the onboarding for players, improve the coach system in the game, and refine the core loop.

Giving us the opportunity to do testing on our ads and ad messaging to a targeted customer group, including A/B testing different manufacturer and team ads.

And finally allowing us to refine our Steam store page, tags and description.

We were able to gain thousands of new players and increased interest.

Feel free to contact me directly if you are looking for advice with your upcoming customer facing events!