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Numerous studies support that games and game mechanics enhance learning outcomes and skill development. We created a list of examples of games that showcase the ability for games to offer engagement, active learning, immediate feedback, skill development, adaptivity, team-work, and risk taking. -A study by the University of Michigan found that students who

Artificial Intelligence, commonly known as AI, usually reminds people of super-robots who are more knowledgeable than any human, such as Vision from the MCU. But what is it really? Essentially, artificial intelligence is getting computers to do human tasks that require intelligence; sometimes it can actually succeed past the level of intelligence of

Everyone can imagine a day where robots will serve us in checkout lanes at grocery stores, pour us our coffee and do our chores for us at home. Automating workflow is becoming a game changer in many industries and is getting better and better every year. But how about something as intricate and creative as

AI image generation has come a long way in the past few years, and there are plenty of AI tools that help to generate outstanding images. In this article, we decided to test out some of the most popular AI tools. We gave the same prompt to each of the tools and compared

Video games have been a household staple in the modern world, shaping the gaming industry and testing the limitations of technology. From your home computer to your mobile phone, digital games are readily at your disposal. Video games aren’t like movies, though they have similarities. Game developers require story teams, programmers, and artists

Do you love to play games? Do you wish that you could spend every day thinking about, talking about and working on games? Guess what? You can! The video game industry is thriving, and if you’re ready to learn fast and work hard, you could be a part of that world. Making a

Maybe you want to make good money in a creative field, or maybe you want to make a job out of your favourite pass time. Whatever the reason may be, you’re considering a job in the video game industry. Whether you want to work on the next AAA title, or become the next