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Game Designer

Game Designer

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Game Pill combines talent, imagination, and passion to create interactive experiences. We do what we love, so you can love what we do. 😉  ***

We are a passionate team aspiring to make compelling experiences, rich in story, emotion, immersion and meaningful game play.  We are seeking a GAME DESIGNER to work alongside our team on unannounced titles.

The ideal candidate will be highly motivated, passionate about gaming, and able to effectively communicate with the team and stakeholders.  We strive for team members who thrive on collaboration.

As the Game Designer, you will be responsible for developing game systems, controls and interfaces (as well as the other interactive elements of his/her project) in order to bring the vision of the Producer into a playable experience.

You will work with the Producers, Artists, Programmers and Sound designers to plan out, assess, and refine the design and process at key points to make the best possible product.

  • Must possess motivation from within, the ability and mindset to develop the game from concept to completion to release
  • Have the ability to constantly and never-endingly strive to improve the player experience during conception, production and past launch
  • Have the ability to explain, pitch and brainstorm game concepts in a way that everyone can understand (pictures, wireframes, etc.)
  • Create game pitch documents for internal and external stakeholders
  • Create game design documents with wireframes that outline all features and those responsible for each feature
  • Update documentation regularly to reflect changes and offer a useful work reference to the whole team, at all times;
  • Create production schedules and organize team participation needed for the game;
  • Present new ideas and learnings to all stakeholders regularly
  • Take ownership of player character core mechanics, controls and character camera, and make a plan for how they should be used in game
  • Work closely with the team to drive development towards the vision laid out by the Producer and team
  • Create game systems that answer the needs of the Producer with regard to the targeted experience for the player, while observing the production directives of the game;
  • Participate actively to the production of prototypes in order validate systems
  • Assess the success of prototypes by measuring how objectives are met,
  • Participate in playtesting and observing playtesters;
  • Adjust the game systems to find the right balance of challenge and fun for the player;
  • Define the skills of the player used with the game systems as well as any related obstacles;
  • Describe typical game situations to set the basic game elements and how they will be distributed throughout the game depending on the difficulty level, the need for variety and the optimal learning curve;
  • Create a control scheme that is both comfortable and easily mastered,
  • Define the information needed by the player to make choices via environment, interface or menus.
  • Collaborate with Modellers, Audio Engineers, Programmers (and others) to ensure the optimal communication of this information;
  • Participate and lead the development of tools required to implement and adjust game systems in collaboration with Programmers;
  • Perform any other related tasks.
  • College diploma in video game level design and production or any other equivalent
  • Minimum of 2+ years’ game design experience;
  • Experience on at least two titles;
  • Ideally have shipped console/PC/mobile titles in some capacity.
Other Skills:
  • Ability to illustrate core game concepts;
  • An understanding of gameplay flow and scripting;
  • Strong communication, interpersonal, and organizational skills;
  • Ability to work well under pressure and deadlines;
  • Experience with Unity 3D desired;
Nice to Have:
  • Ability to translate game concepts into on-screen gameplay;
  • Art or engineering skills

If you feel you are an awesome candidate for this position, please apply by sending your resume, cover letter, references and demo reel to:

Using the form at:


Applying via Linkedin:


To apply for this job email your details to mary@gamepill.com

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