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GAME PILL has been involved in fitness apps in the past and we are big believers in the potential for people to not only get in shape but also to accelerate their fitness goals in the case of athletes. Furthermore we are excited at the potential for workouts to be more fun and

Numerous studies support that games and game mechanics enhance learning outcomes and skill development. We created a list of examples of games that showcase the ability of games to offer engagement, active learning, immediate feedback, skill development, adaptivity, teamwork, and risk-taking. -A study by the University of Michigan found that students who played an

Publishing games is not easy. It requires strong industry relationships (with platforms, etc), expertise in game development (to pick the best games as well as to guide developers to ultimate success during development), effective marketing strategies (in a pretty saturated market), strong distribution networks, and above all else financial resources. More and more developers

Creating a game is a challenging endeavor. From concept to release, there are countless moving parts to manage, teams to coordinate, and obstacles to overcome. A structured approach to game development is like having a game plan before a big match or a plan before building a house. It helps to organize the development process,