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Join us in exploring the often-controversial topic of microtransactions in video games and shed light on their positive aspects.Despite the criticism they receive, microtransactions can enhance the gaming experience by providing players with optional content, supporting ongoing game development, and fostering a sustainable gaming ecosystem.By understanding the potential benefits, we can gain a

Attention all visionaries and trailblazers of the business world! GAME PILL has created a few slides that explain part of the magic of prototyping. Use it as the secret weapon that can turbocharge your innovation efforts, empower your teams to move at lightning speed, and ultimately save you precious time and money. Prototyping has other

Are you tired of struggling to manage your art outsourcing projects in the gaming industry? Do you find yourself constantly facing issues with quality control, communication, and project management?  In this post, we outline a few common issues and potential solutions to fix them. Get ready to say goodbye to art outsourcing headaches and say hello

Creating a successful game is no easy feat, and outsourcing your game development has become a popular option for game companies as it can help save time and resources. However, that isn’t to say that game outsourcing will always be simple and easy and using this strategy can bring its own set of