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Art styles can attract new players, retain existing players, and most definitely impact marketing efforts. There are many instances where risks are taken with a game or films art style. And often the boldest styles are those that stand out (Minecraft, Borderlands) We have compiled a list of some common art styles from an endless

We are often asked what makes a winning Character Design in a game. The following presentation explains some of the essential aspects of creating memorable game characters. It is a recipe where all ingredients count. The following statistics support the importance of creating memorable video game characters in your next project: --A survey by the

How important is Prototyping to product development? By catching design issues early on and refining the game's mechanics, game prototyping can save time and resources during the development process and increase the chances of a successful final product. A prototype can also be used to get buy-in from internal and external stakeholders and to

We are often asked for data on the most popular genres of games to help decide product-market fit before developing a new game or concept. The results of studies vary greatly. Most likely due to the ever-changing gaming market, every year it would most likely change either slightly or even greatly. In this study by