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Do you love to play games? Do you wish that you could spend every day thinking about, talking about and working on games? Guess what? You can! The video game industry is thriving, and if you’re ready to learn fast and work hard, you could be a part of that world. Making a

Maybe you want to make good money in a creative field, or maybe you want to make a job out of your favourite pass time. Whatever the reason may be, you’re considering a job in the video game industry. Whether you want to work on the next AAA title, or become the next

Introduction Do you have a passion for gaming? Have you stayed up long nights navigating dungeons and shooting zombies only to think; what if I could do this forever? Maybe you, like many others before you, have considered turning your passion into a real-life, money-in-your-pocket job. Well, hold your horses there, John Marston. Making